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Historical European Martial Arts

Arms & Armour Black Prince Sword

At WHFA we practice Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), which is a subset of what is referred to more broadly as Western Martial Arts (WMA). These arts are the armed and unarmed martial traditions of Europe of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance as recorded in the Fechtbücher. The Fechtbücher are martial art manuals written by great masters such as Johannes Liechtenauer, Hans Döbringer, Hans Talhoffer, Fiore dei Liberi, Johannes Lecküchner, Peter von Danzig, Sigmund Ringeck, Jud Lew, Paulus Kal, Peter Falkner, Paulus Hector Mair and Joachim Meÿer.

What We Study

HEMA is an expansive art including

  • Ringen (Unarmed Combat), Dagger
  • Blossfechten (Unarmored Longsword)
  • Harnischfechten (Armored Longsword)
  • Polearms: Staff, Spear, Poleaxe
  • Messer, Arming Sword and Buckler
  • Rapier and Smallsword

Who We Are

Currently, we have three chapters

  • WHFA - Appleton, Wisconsin

    Wednesdays 7:00 PM, Sundays 7:00 PM
  • WHFA - La Crosse, Wisconsin

    Wednesdays 6:15 PM, Sundays 6:15 PM
  • WHFA - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Sundays 2:00 PM
  • Aaron Pynenberg

    Aaron Pynenberg

    WHFA Principal Instructor
    Jeremiah Backhaus

    Jeremiah Backhaus

    WHFA Instructor-At-Large
    Scott Hanson

    Scott Hanson

    La Crosse Chapter Leader